Working From Home

Over the past decade, remote working, which has been pushed by technology, has moved further into the public perception. 

Work-life balance, combined with modern tech, has seen companies' continuous growth, offering more flexible working opportunities to their employees. 

But how can we remain productive whilst at home?

Don't overwork yourself

Though you may not notice it, the many distractions of a busy office provides the relief you need in between working towards your deadlines. It would be best if you didn't eat lunch at your desk so that you're not sat at a working environment all day. Also, remember to take breaks and walk around the house, to boost happiness.

Once your day has finished, remember to switch off any work-related notifications and close the lid of your laptop. 

Create a designated workspace

Having a home office which works well for you is vital. Make sure the area you choose is a dedicated space for work. This will enable you to separate your work life from your personal life and stay in the right frame of mind.

Remember to socialise virtually

You may live alone or only have one other person living with you; therefore, don't forget to make time for virtual chats with your colleagues.

Ask a colleague if they'd like to join a Zoom call at lunchtime or the end of the day – like you'd do if you were at the office.


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