Work Life Balance

We realise that achieving a work-life balance can be difficult and whilst we work hard and proactively commit to our roles, we do not cultivate an 'always on' mindset. Zenopa advocates flexible working arrangements that boost employees’ personal time and quality time on-task. To do this, good structure is vital. When you’re not working, the customer demands remain in place. Having a great team with good planning underpinned by a culture of mutual support, enables sustained service delivery and a great life outside work, plus the reassurance that comes from knowing there is continuity at your desk, whether you're on leave, at the gym, attending a school assembly, studying or taking some quality time-out. After a positive first year review, our apprentices can enjoy flexible desk hours within a 07:00 – 20:00 window and up to 50% remote working. Our Account Managers can work flexibly from home two days a week after probation if desired and all requests for flexible working are considered equitably.