Vibrant Challenging Environment

A vibrant workplace connotes positivity, and growth—characteristics we desire for the environment where we spend a large part of our working hours. At Zenopa we encourage employees to bring their own gifts and unique personalities to work. This mindset manifests itself in innumerable vibrant and diverse ways: attending performances in which co-workers are starring; playing sport together (golf, badminton, football, hiking); taking part in charitable physical challenges and fundraisers together; impromptu hang-outs and other random acts of kindness: bringing in bakes, buddying with new starters or babysitting for each other! The pandemic and remote working has not dampened our vibrancy - we are accessible to each other, at the flick of a screen, throughout each day, to reach out and recce.

Our work is challenging, fast-paced, and specialist. We often recruit for highly specialised and technically or clinically complex roles within niche candidate pools which requires focus, resilience and acuity. We derive satisfaction and purpose in rising to these recruitment challenges daily because we’re all passionate about the part we play in acquiring the best available talent for our clients. We support our them in fulfilling their purpose to improve global health and wellness, combat disease and innovate new healthcare solutions to the benefit of all.