Transparency Honesty Trust

Zenopa is a values-led business, and by delivering on our principles, we strive every day to improve our business, to ensure we adapt to our stakeholders’ needs and to recognise and reward our individual and collective contributions to our company mission: to deliver for our customers, to commit for ourselves proactively and to support each other.

Transparency, honesty and trust underpin our values. By being proactive: we express ideas, initiate change, forward plan, seek business intelligence and make commitments. We deliver: meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations and the standards we set ourselves. We celebrate our successes however small. We recruit with integrity and are open and honest in our communications; we do what we say and what we implied we would do. We are flexible; responding to change with resilience and innovation. We take ownership of our roles and step up to the plate every day. And we are respectful of people, colleagues, customers, business tools, our workspace, our communities and the wider environment.