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Fantastic opportunity available to join a specialist scientific consultancy, who will seize your objectives and explore them rigorously. My client creates a road map to a positive outcome and then we'll lead you through each step of the journey...

On behalf of the pharmaceutical industry they convene the leading world therapeutic experts in both virtual (held on-line) and face to face advisory boards (held across the world). These events are designed to give their clients (top international pharmaceutical companies) insight into expert opinions on drug development. They moderate these meetings using our proprietary software to explore their decision-making.

My clients full service is therefore the creation of the event (they consult with their clients to find out what topics they want to explore and make recommendations of how to design a programme for a 3hr meeting), the moderation of the event and writing report from it. Its incredibly rewarding and interesting!

We are looking for a person to become one of their scientific consultants. In terms of base competencies you need:
1. To be really interested in science - the best people are the most scientifically inquisitive - always asking questions
2. To have a biological life sciences pedigree - probably with a PhD but not necessarily
3. To be outgoing, confident and dynamic - so comfortable with leading discussions
4. To be able to write a scientific report
5. Must have 2-5 years industry/commercial experience

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£0 - 60000
Knutsford, Cheshire
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Alex Martin

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