Resigning professionally is key to keeping a good reputation within your industry. Here are some top tips for how to leave professionally. 


Resign in person: Always resign face-to-face and then follow up with a letter. Don’t resign over email as it can be seen as unprofessional and disrespectful. 

Follow the resignation rules of the business: Remember to check your contract for the notice period required. Whatever the notice period is, it’s good etiquette to honour these guidelines.

If your new job is with a competitor, make sure you’re not breaking your contract by accepting the position. 

Be Polite: During your resignation, don’t forget to smile and take the chance to thank your employer for the opportunity and experience you have gained from your job role. 

Maintain professional until you leave: Do your best to leave your replacement, co-workers, and your clients as prepared as possible for your departure. Maintaining professional until you leave will maintain your reputation within the business and industry.