Positive Action

Diverse workforces have been shown to be more productive and better able to respond to changing business needs and to spot opportunities. At Zenopa, we push for progress to improve a current lack of diversity within the UK workforce and encourage people from disadvantaged groups to apply to work for us. We strive for all Zenopians to be treated equally and for no-one to receive less favourable treatment because of a protected characteristic. This permeates our culture and our processes too;  from recruitment and selection, terms and conditions of employment, access to training opportunities, access to promotion and transfers, grievance, disciplinary and capability processes, redundancy selection, dress code, work allocation, office customs, social activities, events, and any other employment related activity.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion and to leveraging positive action to redress any imbalances is driven from the top and cascaded down through the company by our senior management team who regularly examine Zenopa’s diversity and equality, recognising it as both a moral and a commercial imperative. For example, we will make internal hiring decisions on merit alone, without consideration of the protected characteristic, except in circumstances where a candidate from a disadvantaged group is as qualified as a non-disadvantaged candidate. Zenopa is committed to continuing to make strides in improving equality in our workplace and in our business sectors.