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Zenopa recruit for a broad array of specialist Pharmaceutical Marketing positions across countless therapeutic areas ranging in seniority such from Associate Brand Managers through to Directorate level.

What is involved in marketing assistant roles?
If you are taking your first steps into Marketing as an Assistant Product Manager you will most likely be involved in assisting with the delivery of marketing materials across a portfolio of products, promotional projects and will require strong communication skills and have a creative mindset, this period of time will be a great chance to enhance and develop your skills as a creative professional.

What is involved in brand or product manager roles?
As a Brand Manager or Product Manager your attention will focus on developing and implementing brand strategies and tactics in order to increase the patient/customer awareness of the products and as a result increase profitability. As you enhance your marketing experience you will build your clinical expertise within the therapeutic area you operate in, a minimum of 2 years industry experience is the norm in the Pharmaceutical industry for this type of position.

A role in Brand or Product Management can lead to a variety of career choices from Brand Lead to Marketing Manager or Head of Marketing. You may be able to combine your skills in marketing and sales management to become a Business Unit Manager or Business Unit Director or you may wish to specialise as a Digital Marketing Manager, Content Management, Communications Manager or Business Intelligence Manager. Whatever your chosen path, we are here to help you with those choices and options.

What is involved in marketing director roles?
Marketing Director positions are likely to be across much larger geographical remits, such as National or Global areas. These roles tend to involve high level senior decisions being made, with regards to optimising product performance and improving patient benefits. These positions usually require a substantial amount of travelling and collaboratively working with other Global teams.

Job Basic Salary
Marketing Assistant £25 - £30K
Marketing Director £85 - £110K
Marketing Executive £25 -£30K
Marketing Manager £70 - £85K

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As a service provider we offer excellent industry insight and can add valuable expertise to your job search, helping you to develop your skills and further your progression in pharmaceutical marketing.

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