Cephea Valve Technologies acquired by Abbott

Medical Devices

Abbott is to exercise an option it secured in 2015 with the acquisition of Tendyne Holdings to acquire medical device firm Cephea Valve Technologies. This purchase will serve to bolster Abbott’s portfolio of therapies for mitral valve disease, the most common type of heart valve disease, especially as at the moment Cephea is developing a less invasive technology for mitral valve disease in patients whose valves need to be replaced. It involves the use of an artificial valve through a vein in the leg which restores normal blood flow and removes the requirement for open-heart surgery.

“Cephea Valve Technologies acquired by Abbott. “

Michael Dale, Vice President of Abbott's structural heart business, said: "The acquisition of Cephea builds on Abbott's strong position in structural heart therapies and is consistent with our strategy to develop comprehensive treatments for people with mitral valve disease. Cephea's novel approach to replace the mitral valve adds to our other catheter-based technologies and is being developed to provide an additional option for patients who suffer from this difficult-to-treat disease."

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