Global ban on gifts and promotional aids in force for the pharma industry


The International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations, the pharmaceutical industry’s global self-regulatory body, has instated a new code of practice with immediate effect, banning all gifts and promotional aids given by pharma representatives to healthcare professionals or officials across the globe. This brings the rest of the world in line with Europe and the US where this code already exists to eliminate any potential bribery or inappropriate influence, and to “instil a culture of ethics and integrity” based upon fairness, honesty, care and respect. The ban extends to condolence payments, national, religious and cultural gifts, as well as stationary items.

IFPMA Director-General, Thomas Cueni, said: “Trust is the life-blood of our industry, it is the north star for our behaviours. It’s not just what pharmaceutical innovation achieves that matters, but also how the industry goes about achieving it. Implementing the new and revised Code in full is about walking the talk, about earning our license to operate. We encourage doctors, pharmacists, nurses and patients to become aware of the updated ethical standards. The better our stakeholders understand our standards and hold us to account, the easier it will be for us to live-up to our commitments.”

“Global ban on gifts and promotional aids in force for the pharma industry“

CEO of the International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations, Kawaldip Sehmi, said: “We are glad to see that the new pharma industry Code of Practice is value-based, this will lead to the right instinct to put the patient first. From a patient perspective, we support self-regulation for all healthcare professionals and industry. It is important that when they step into a doctor’s cabinet, patients know that they can trust that advice. We are happy to work with the Code and promote it”.

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