Medline and Intalere complement existing distribution collaboration

Medical Devices

Intalere has entered a new 2 year contract with Medline in the form of a group purchasing agreement for laboratory distribution services, which complements the existing 4 year agreement that gives Intalere members access to competitive pricing through Medline as their primary medical distributor. Medline has over 40 distribution centers across the country, providing access to a broad laboratory product portfolio from hundreds of manufacturers for Intalere members with independent laboratories, physician office laboratories and hospitals.

“Medline and Intalere complement existing distribution collaboration.“

Dan Johns, Medline’s vice president, national accounts, said: “This new contract comes at the request of members looking for a new laboratory distribution option. Members can now receive laboratory supplies on the same Medline trucks already delivering their medical supplies. We look forward to collaborating with Intalere members to balance their needs for clinical quality with savings and efficiency.”

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