VCA Animal Hospitals to provide VC technology via Amazon Alexa

Animal Health

Amazon is working with VCA Animal Hospitals to provide voice command technology to pet owners, allowing VCA account holders to receive pet healthcare reminders and book appointments through Amazon Alexa with the usual Alexa voice commands like "Alexa, ask VCA to book an appointment for my pet".

VCA is the first animal hospital industry to introduce voice command technology. Brendan Lynch, VP of Digital Strategy for VCA Animal Hospitals, said: "As a leader in the pet healthcare industry, we've made it our mission to provide pet owners with the best possible experience through continued innovation and digital transformation. For us, that means making every interaction between pet owners and our animal hospitals as convenient and easy as possible.”

“VCA Animal Hospitals to provide VC technology via Amazon Alexa.“

Aaron Frazier, VP of Client Experience for VCA Animal Hospitals, said: “The ultimate goal of introducing these newer tech-forward offerings like the VCA Animal Hospitals skill is to create a more seamless customer experience when it comes to pet healthcare, and to make sure we have healthier pet patients. Whether it's at your local VCA Animal Hospital or through Alexa, we want to be part of every pet's healthcare journey while helping pet owners along the way."

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