Roche appoints new CEO and Corporate Executive Committee member


Daniel O'Day, Chief Executive Officer at Roche Pharmaceuticals since 2012, and member of the Corporate Executive Committee, has resigned with effect from 31st December 2018. He will be replaced by Genentech’s current Chief Executive Officer Bill Anderson, who will report to Severin Schwan, Roche Group CEO, and become a member of the Corporate Executive Committee. Mr Anderson joined Roche in 2006 to head up the Immunology Business Unit in Genentech and then took on Oncology Sales and Marketing. He was appointed Head of Global Product Strategy in 2013 and CEO of Genentech in 2017.

“Roche appoints new CEO and Corporate Executive Committee member.“

Mr Schwan said: "Dan has had an outstanding 31-year career at Roche and has played a key role in bringing a large number of new, innovative medicines to patients. Roche today has one of the strongest pipelines of medicines in the industry and is well positioned to shape digitalisation in healthcare. We are very grateful for all of Dan's contributions. I am very pleased that with Bill Anderson we are appointing a new CEO of our Pharmaceuticals Division with an impressive track record. Bill brings both in-depth knowledge of our industry and extensive global leadership experience."

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