Oxford BioMedica announces new initiative for next-gen medicines production


Oxford BioMedica has unveiled a new digital framework initiative to streamline the production of next-generation medicines. The gene and cell therapy group has a £2 million grant from Innovate UK, and their own investment of £4 million. They will build digital and robotics capabilities to increase capacity, reduce manufacturing costs and reduce waste in analytical methodology, supply times and cost of goods. This project will go some way to ensuring that the next surge of innovative medical research and technologies, breakthrough treatments, and high skill jobs are created in Britain.

“Oxford BioMedica announces new initiative for next-gen medicines production. “

John Dawson, Oxford BioMedica’s CEO, said: “This new initiative will provide us with digital and robotic enhancements to maintain our global leading position in the development and manufacture of lentiviral vector products. This is important for our own R&D pipeline as well as for our blue-chip partners as we continue to support the delivery of life-altering gene therapies to patients around the world.”

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