Waters launches new Acquity UPLC Plus liquid chromatography systems

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Waters has announced the launch of its new Acquity UPLC Plus series, a range of three high-performance liquid chromatography systems.

The new Acquity UPLC H-Class Plus, H-Class Plus Bio and I-Class Plus systems are designed to provide unparalleled flexibility, performance and ease-of-use in applications ranging from peptide mapping to routine product release testing.

“Waters has launched its new Acquity UPLC Plus series of liquid chromatography systems, which offer a range of performance advantages over previous models.“

Acquity UPLC H-Class Plus and H-Class Plus Bio are quaternary systems for high-resolution, high-sensitivity separations of complex samples, with enough flexibility to run all modes of chromatography, including ion exchange, size exclusion, hydrophilic interaction, hydrophobic interaction, and reversed phase.

Meanwhile, Acquity I-Class Plus is a binary UPLC system that can generate ultra-efficient narrow peaks, improving the sensitivity of optical detection or mass spectrometry. Its ultra-low dispersion and delay volumes makes it ideal system for generating the highest possible chromatographic resolution and productivity.

Eric Grumbach, director of product marketing for chromatography systems at Waters, said: "At Waters, innovation is about more than just performance. It's about listening to the customer and continuously pushing our liquid chromatography technology forward to find faster, simpler and better ways to support the work that they do."

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