Dechra launches new monitoring method for dogs with Cushing's syndrome

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Dechra has announced the launch of a new and improved method for monitoring dogs that are being treated for Cushing's syndrome with the company's Vetoryl product.

The Pre-Vetoryl Cortisol (PVC) monitoring information has been developed by the company in cooperation with Professor Ian Ramsey at the University of Glasgow, and is being offered online alongside a suite of other useful resources for patients on Vetoryl.

“Dechra has launched a new alternative method for monitoring dogs that are being treated for Cushing's syndrome.“

This new method has been introduced following recent studies showing a lack of correlation between traditional ACTH stimulation test results and the clinical status of dogs receiving Vetoryl, whereas PVC monitoring delivers better results by placing a greater focus on the importance of consulting with the owners regarding the dog's clinical response at home.

Craig Sankey, brand manager at Dechra Veterinary Products, said: "Pre-Vetoryl Cortisol monitoring is a reliable alternative to traditional ACTH stimulation tests for several reasons. It predicts clinical signs better, gives more consistent results, is less expensive and is easier to perform."

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