Proteins from different food sources 'have variable impact on heart health'

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Proteins derived from different types of food can have varying degrees of impact on heart health, a new study has demonstrated.

Carried out in California and France and led by the Loma Linda University School of Public Health, the research collated data from more than 81,000 participants, and examined detailed sources of animal protein jointly with animal fat.

“A new study has shown that proteins derived from different food sources have varying implications for heart health.“

It was found that people who consumed large amounts of meat protein experienced a 60 percent increase in cardiovascular disease risk, while people who consumed large amounts of protein from nuts and seeds experienced a 40 percent reduction.

Further research on this topic could analyse whether particular amino acids are found in meat proteins that contribute to heart disease, while it may also be the case that proteins from certain sources affect cardiac risk factors such as blood lipids, blood pressure and excess weight.

Dr Gary Fraser from Loma Linda University said: "While dietary fats are part of the story in affecting risk of cardiovascular disease, proteins may also have important and largely overlooked independent effects on risk."

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