Ceva launches new poultry vaccines

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Ceva has announced details of what it calls a "new wave of innovation", driven by vaccines designed to help poultry producers overcome some of their biggest current challenges.

The firm said producers looking for long-term success need to focus on innovation centred around antibiotic-free production and stringent welfare practices. It has recently invested in diagnostic work, data analysis, personalised on-farm audits and other processes to find solutions to day-to-day obstacles in these areas.

“Ceva has announced new vaccines designed to help poultry producers meet targets such as antibiotic-free production.“

Concrete developments coming out of this investment include a new generation of double-insert vector vaccines against Newcastle disease and infectious bursal disease.

Ceva also announced a range of coccidiosis vaccines for broilers, breeders and turkeys: Immucox 3, Immucox 5 and Immucox T.

Dr Sylvain Comte, head of poultry at the firm, said these innovations will help to meet "the joint needs of consumers and the poultry producers" by making farms healthier and less exposed to bacterial infections.

He added: "Ceva will continue to contribute to improved bird health status and help the industry to face the new challenges of antibiotic-free production."

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