Smith and Nephew launches new all-suture anchor systems

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Smith and Nephew has expanded its sports medicine portfolio with the launch of its new Q-Fix Curved and Suturefix Curved all-suture anchor systems.

The new devices are designed for procedures where space is limited and the anatomy can be difficult to access, with delivery systems optimised to aid in optimal suture anchor placement during drilling and insertion.

“Smith and Nephew has launched its new Q-Fix Curved and Suturefix Curved all-suture anchor systems.“

Both systems have been created to deliver the ideal curved geometry of the drill guide, while also maximising accuracy, with the incorporation of both visual and tactile cues to simplify guide orientation for the surgeon.

The launch of these devices will be accompanied by the introduction of the Q-Fix Mini all-suture anchor, which reduces the tunnel drill depth and implant length to 17.1mm, making it the shortest all-suture anchor in its class.

Scott Schaffner, senior vice-president of global marketing at Smith and Nephew, said: "These new products highly complement our sports medicine range and we're proud to offer them as part of our growing portfolio."

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