New NHS data shows record recovery rates for mental illnesses

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Improvements in treatment is resulting in a record number of people making a recovery from mental ill health, according to NHS England data.

The annual report on NHS England's Improving Access to Talking Therapies (IAPT) programme has shown that half of all people completing a course of treatment for common mental health conditions, including depression and anxiety, ultimately experience a recovery.

“Record high recovery rates for common mental illness have been highlighted in a new report from NHS England.“

A total of 1.4 million people were referred for IAPT during 2016-17, with more patients getting care within six weeks compared with the year before. As a consequence, 49.3 percent are now making a recovery, up by seven percentage points on 2012-13.

This comes as part of a broader trend that has seen GBP 1.6 billion of extra funding going into local mental health services since 2013, a move intended to help reverse years of underinvestment in this area.

Claire Murdoch, NHS England's national mental health director, said: "No-one would claim that the transformation we all want to see will happen overnight, but with a rising number of people getting successful treatment for common conditions like depression and anxiety, it's clear that we are making important progress."

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