Philips launches new Ingenia Elition MRI scanning system

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Philips has announced the launch of Ingenia Elition, a new magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system operating at 3.0 teslas.

Part of the digital Ingenia MRI portfolio, Ingenia Elition allows users to perform exams up to 50 percent faster, with no compromise in its high-end image quality. This makes it easier and quicker to generate accurate diagnoses, helping to improve patient care.

“Philips has launched its new Ingenia Elition MRI system, which offers new advances in terms of speed and image quality.“

It incorporates patient sensing technology and AI-driven SmartExam analytics for automatic planning, scanning and processing of exams, while its VitalScreen interface allows more than over 200 body locations to be scanned in parallel to intelligently extract signs of breathing.


Additionally, the system offers Philips Ambient Experience and in-bore Connect technology, offering an immersive audiovisual experience to calm patients and guide them through the MR exams. This has been shown to help reduce the number of rescans by up to 70 percent.

Arjen Radder, business leader for magnetic resonance at Philips, said Ingenia Elition will help "to improve image quality and the patient and staff experience, as well as operational efficiency".

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