Abbott's FreeStyle Libre glucose monitor validated by independent study

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Abbott's FreeStyle Libre, a new method of measuring blood glucose levels in diabetes patients, has been backed by independent assessors.

The flash glucose monitor has been available to people with diabetes in the UK on prescription since November last year and comprises a white disc stuck to the arm, which connects remotely to a small monitoring device.

“Abbott's new method of monitoring blood glucose levels in diabetes patients has been given the green light by independent assessors.“

As a result, it may be a viable alternative to the recommended four to ten painful finger-stick blood glucose tests required every day to self-manage the condition.

An independent assessment by experts from the University of Manchester, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust and Derby Teaching Hospitals has looked at the solution and believes it is a "significant advance" in the treatment of diabetes.

Dr Lalantha Leelarathna, a researcher from the University of Manchester, commented: "The FreeStyle Libre flash glucose monitor works well for both adults and children. The studies show it is accurate, comfortable and easy to use."

Dr Leelarathna added that its assessment of the available evidence shows that, for most patients, it is a "game-changer".

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