Smith and Nephew launches Pico 7 wound therapy in Europe

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Smith and Nephew has announced the European launch of Pico 7, its new single-use negative pressure wound therapy system.

This new product advances the design of the existing Pico platform by delivering a more efficient vacuum and superior leak management, allowing for improved application in anatomically challenging areas.

“Smith and Nephew has launched its new Pico 7 single-use negative pressure wound therapy system in Europe.“

It also includes an industry-first dressing-full indicator - which is intended to reduce unnecessary dressing changes and wastage - and has been designed to be 25 percent quieter than the previous iteration, as well as offering an enhanced user interface.

Pico 7 is specifically designed for patients at risk of poor healing, and has been shown to help minimise failures of healing that may lead to infection or dehiscence. It can be used in both a hospital and community setting, and is approved across a number of indications.

Paolo Di Vincenzo, Smith and Nephew's senior vice-president of advanced wound management, said: "With Pico 7, we have delivered significant design improvements that contribute to improved patient outcomes, patient management and healthcare provider efficiency, keeping Smith and Nephew at the forefront of delivering pioneering portable negative pressure solutions."

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