Jo's Trust social media campaign takes cervical screening message to millions

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Millions of women have connected with a media campaign run by cervical cancer charity Jo's Trust aimed at encouraging them to have smear tests.

Led by the cervical cancer charity, the campaign by Public Health England and NHS England was run in January with the aim of encouraging a higher turnout of eligible women for smear tests. The anecdotal evidence to date is that the campaign was highly successful.

“Jo's Trust has partnered with the NHS is what appears to have been a successful campaign to encourage women to have smear tests. “

The target audience for the campaign was women in their mid-20s and older, including those with learning disabilities or who do not speak English as a first language.

As well as widespread traditional media coverage, the campaign running from January 22nd-28th used social media hashtags like #SmearForSmear and #CervicalCancer as NHS England sent out 12 tweets in the week. 

Head of communications and public affairs at Jo's Cervical Cancer Trust Kate Sanger said: "Through the week, #SmearForSmear was used more than 20,000 times on Twitter and Instagram and, combined with more than 600 pieces of media coverage, reached millions."

She added that GP surgeries had seen a "huge" rise in the number of women seeking smear tests. 

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