Pfizer works with BC Platforms to tackle cardiovascular disease

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Pfizer has announced it is working with data analysis specialist BC Platforms to help improve cardiovascular disease treatment.

According to Jaako Parkkinen, country medical director at Pfizer Finland, cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of global mortality in the world.

“Pfizer is collaborating with BC Platforms to gather evidence that could improve cardiovascular disease treatment.“

Furthermore, he noted that the number of cases is rising due to the ageing population.

Mr Parkkinen stated that since these diseases are complex, data is required to fully understand and provide the best treatment outcomes for patients.

As a result, Pfizer believes combining its expertise in treating cardiovascular diseases with BC Platforms' advanced genomic and clinical data management solutions could represent a big step forward.

"We can gather and analyse important real-world evidence to generate optimal patient outcomes," Mr Parkkinen commented.

Samu Kurki, lead scientist at BC Platforms, added that Pfizer is one of the leaders in providing treatment solutions for patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

He said the company is therefore "delighted" it has chosen to collaborate with BC Platforms to support the generation of real-world evidence in this space to better understand the complexities of the disease. 

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