Idexx Laboratories introduces new software update for SediVue Dx

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Idexx Laboratories has announced the launch of the new Neural Network 3.0 software update for its SediVue Dx Urine Sediment Analyzer.

This update to the system's algorithmic software is powered by a database of 70 million veterinary patient-generated images, compiled from more than one million tests run on the analyser.

“Idexx Laboratories has introduced new functionality to its SediVue Dx Urine Sediment Analyzer with the release of a software update.“

The addition of this automated technology in point-of-care urine sediment analysis allows for more accurate real-time results to be generated, making it easier for vets to provide quick, accurate evaluation of their patients.

SediVue Dx offers machine-learning capabilities to help the system identify abnormalities more accurately with every result generated. Its SmartService Solutions offer web-based customer service and support, allowing this data to be aggregated and leveraged to improve the algorithm.

This new update follows the recent launch of the new Idexx Catalyst SDMA Test, which gives vets the ability to assess kidney function at the point of care.

Jonathan Ayers, chairman and chief executive officer of Idexx Laboratories, said: "Urine sediment analysis is a key part of the well patient examination, and when combined with SDMA, Idexx offers the best solution in the marketplace for understanding kidney health."

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