New report highlights why GPs are quitting the NHS

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A new report has highlighted some of the reasons why a large proportion of UK GPs are making plans to quit the NHS.

Following early studies indicating that around two out of every five GPs in the south-west of England are planning to leave direct patient care in the next five years, the University of Exeter surveyed 41 GPs to find out why this might be.

“A new report has indicated that many GPs are quitting the NHS due to feelings of being undervalued and concerns about professional risks.“

Three key reasons emerged, including a sense that GP-based primary care was undervalued within the healthcare system, and ongoing concerns regarding professional risk involved in delivering care in an increasingly complex health environment.

Considerations about leaving or remaining in direct patient care, and the options and choices that GPs felt were available to them, were also cited as a key reason why a crisis has developed around the national GP workforce in the last five years.

As such, the report called for government to tackle these issues in order to help retain GPs and encourage more medical students to take up a career in general practice.

Professor John Campbell of the University of Exeter Medical School said: "We now need sustained, strategic and stable planning of health services - not a series of short-term fixes which only destabilise clinical care further. Innovation is essential, but needs to be based on firm evidence."

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