Dechra launches smaller vial option for Anesketin

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Dechra has announced the launch of a new smaller-size vial of its rapid acting dissociative anaesthetic product, Anesketin.

The drug is indicated for induction of anaesthesia in cats, dogs and horses, and can also be used as a sole agent for restraint and minor surgical procedures among cats when muscle relaxation is not required.

“Dechra has launched a smaller size option for its veterinary anaesthetic product Anesketin.“

It is already available in ten ml or 50 ml bottles, but the smaller five ml solution has now been introduced following feedback from veterinary practices. It is expected to help practices comply with controlled drug legislation, saving time and effort in denaturing out-of-date stock and reducing wastage.

Craig Sankey, brand manager of Dechra, said: "The introduction of the smaller bottle demonstrates our commitment to responding to the requirements of veterinary professionals and providing a range of high-quality products that provide the most effective solution within day-to-day practice."

This represents the latest addition to the company's broadening range of anaesthesia and analgesia products, which also includes the successful Comfortan brand.

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