Elanco-backed roundtable calls for greater focus on osteoarthritis

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Elanco has highlighted the outcomes of a recent expert roundtable discussion that has called for greater prioritisation of osteoarthritis in veterinary medicine.

Taking place in central London, the event saw experts from the UK and US meet to discuss how osteoarthritis can be better managed by vets, and how improved client communication can aid the diagnosis and management of the disease.

“Elanco has supported a recent roundtable discussion highlighting a need for greater attention to be paid to osteoarthritis within veterinary medicine.“

A recent survey carried out by Elanco has indicated that 76 percent of vets believe pet owners fundamentally misunderstand osteoarthritis and consider it to be a symptom of old age.

It was also shown that although 49 percent of vets see osteoarthritis cases every day, they are often unable to provide their preferred treatment, including owner misconception of the disease and perceptions regarding side effects and compliance.

As such, the vets at the event called for members of the profession to do more to explain the realities of osteoarthritis to pet owners in language they will understand, allowing the condition to be picked up and treated as effectively as possible.

Duncan Lascelles, professor of small animal surgery and pain management at NC State Veterinary Medicine, said: "The vet profession needs to take a much more active role in the education of owners, and osteoarthritis is a perfect example of this."

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