Horiba Scientific acquires spectroscopy company AIST-NT

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Horiba Scientific has announced the acquisition of AIST-NT, an innovative provider of integrated spectroscopy technology and scanning probe microscopes.

The firm is known for developing integrated scanning systems for nanotechnology, based on a unique design incorporating atomic force microscopes specifically developed to be integrated with optical spectroscopies.

“Horiba Scientific has acquired the spectroscopy technology firm AIST-NT, expanding its leadership position in the NanoRaman spectroscopy field.“

This portfolio will complement Horiba's existing range of Raman spectrometers, allowing the company to provide academic research and industrial laboratories with a broader range of integrated AFM-Raman systems and proven tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy solutions.

Horiba is purchasing AIST-NT following four years of successful collaboration, with the deal marking the organisation's entry into the atomic force microscopy market. This aligns with Horiba's broader strategy of developing new solutions for the nanomaterial and nanotechnology fields.

Marc Chaigneau, product manager at Horiba Scientific, said: "Horiba Scientific is focused on developing products and solutions that our customers can rely on. With this unequalled level of integration, we now can offer direct access to the best-in-class NanoRaman analyses."

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