Teva medicines to be featured at new antibiotic resistance exhibition

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Teva has announced that a number of its medicines are to be showcased at a special exhibition in London on the global challenge posed by antibiotic resistance.

The Science Museum is hosting an exhibition called "Superbugs: The fight for our lives", which will run until spring 2019 and aims to educate members of the public on the need for responsible use of antibiotics and the threat posed by the spread of drug-resistant superbugs.

“Teva has donated examples of its products to be featured at a special exhibition about antibiotic resistance at the Science Museum in London.“

To support these efforts, Teva has donated samples of packaging for its Colobreathe and Colomycin products, both of which contain the antibiotic colistin and are used to treat pulmonary bacterial infections in cystic fibrosis patients.

Sheldon Paquin, content developer at the Science Museum, said: "We hope the exhibition will get people talking about a very serious scientific issue - even if they aren't particularly interested in science - by making the subject more accessible."

Visitors to the Superbugs exhibition can see real bacteria, including nine strains classified by the World Health Organization as significant threats to human health, while hearing personal stories from those affected, and learning more about current efforts to find new antibiotics.

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