Dechra launches new online guide to canine hypothyroidism

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Dechra has announced the launch of a new online resource to provide owners of dogs with hypothyroidism with more information on the condition.

The online resource has been developed specifically to support animals that have been prescribed Dechra's medication Thyforon, and offers guidance on how to manage hypothyroidism, an incurable condition that can have a major impact on dogs' wellbeing.

“Dechra has launched a new website to help owners of dogs with hypothyroidism understand and manage their pet's condition.“

Features of the website include an FAQ section and an interactive logbook for owners to fill in, which can also be emailed to vets to help them track the animals' progress and ensure their treatment is at an optimal level.

Craig Sankey, Dechra's brand manager, said: "Effective management of the condition can significantly improve a dog's quality of life and prevents the development of other, potentially life-threatening conditions, for which treatment can be intensive and costly."

Although hypothyroidism cannot be cured, it can be successfully managed using drugs such as Thyforon, which function by replacing the missing T4 thyroid hormone.

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