New smartphone case developed to aid blood glucose monitoring


Engineers have developed new glucose monitoring technology for diabetes patients that can be incorporated into a smartphone case.

Created by the University of California, San Diego, the new case and accompanying app are designed to make it easier for patients to record and track their blood glucose readings wherever they are, without the need for a separate glucose monitoring kit.

“A new smartphone case and app has been developed to help diabetes patients to record and track their blood glucose readings.“

Dubbed GPhone, the device consists of a slim 3D-printed case that fits over a smartphone and features a permanent reusable blood sample sensor on one corner, as well as small single-use enzyme-filled pellets housed in the side of the case.

The pellets contain glucose oxidase, which reacts with glucose in a way that generates an electrical signal that can be measured by the sensor's electrodes. By dropping a blood sample on the sensor, users can get a blood glucose reading displayed on their smartphone screen in as little as 20 seconds.

Patrick Mercier, a professor of electrical and computer engineering at UC San Diego, said: "This system is versatile and can be easily modified to detect other substances for use in healthcare, environmental and defence applications."

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