Boehringer Ingelheim highlights progress of immuno-oncology collaborations

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Boehringer Ingelheim has highlighted the progress it has been able to make on its immuno-oncology research goals in 2017 thanks to recent partnerships.

The company now has 50 percent of its overall early-to-mid-stage pipeline emerging from collaborations, including a comprehensive oncology pipeline encompassing more than ten clinical-stage assets in development for various cancer and tumour types.

“Boehringer Ingelheim has reported significant progress with its immuno-oncology partnerships over the last year.“

In the last year, the firm has worked with the University of California at Los Angeles to develop a promising vaccine platform that can deliver a self-replicating RNA vaccine cargo to cancerous cells, helping the immune system to eliminate the cancer.

It has also partnered with Siamab Therapeutics to identify anticancer therapeutics that target tumour-associated carbohydrate antigens, while another collaboration with AbeXXa Biologics has been formed to identify new selective molecular targets for cancer from the thousands of proteins found inside tumour cells.

Dr Jorg Barth, Boehringer Ingelheim's head of oncology, said: "We believe the best way to accelerate innovation is by combining our in-house capabilities in collaboration with industry and academia. Winning the fight against cancer will only be achieved with novel approaches and genuine scientific breakthroughs."

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