Teva provides sponsorship for Wales Medicines Safety Conference

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Teva has provided sponsorship for the recent Wales Medicines Safety Conference, which took place in Cardiff on November 29th.

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society event was held to highlight innovative practice and technological developments designed to increase quality of care and patient safety in doctor's offices, pharmacy settings and all other locations where medicines are used.

“Teva has hailed the success of the recent Wales Medicines Safety Conference, an event that it helped to sponsor.“

Events of this kind give Teva an opportunity to engage stakeholders in a dialogue about the challenges and opportunities new models of care present when it comes to patient safety, and the need for innovative solutions.

As the largest supplier of medicines to the NHS, medicine safety is a key priority for Teva, which employs tools such as clearly colour-coded packaging and digital solutions to facilitate data-driven decision-making.

This is particularly vital as ensuring the safety of medicines is listed as one of Teva's ten global social impact priorities.

Explaining this commitment, a statement from Teva said: "We comply with applicable laws covering the safety of medicines and provide complete and accurate labelling of products, together with clear patient safety information."

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