Leica Microsystems launches new DMC6200 pixel shift camera

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Leica Microsystems has announced the launch of its new DMC6200 pixel shift camera, a new digital camera system that can that produce detailed, high-colour images in seconds.

Designed for life science and other applications, the camera has been optimised to pick out subtle colour differences through multiple sampling, with its sharpness performance and exact colour measurement for each pixel allowing true-to-life images to be produced.

“Leica Microsystems has launched its new DMC6200 pixel shift camera for life science applications and other uses.“

This is assisted by its complementary metal oxide semiconductor sensor technology, which aids the digital capturing of images. It offers a 5.86 micrometre pixel size, 2.3 megapixel sensor resolution and a dynamic range of 73 dB.

With pixel shift, an image resolution of up to 20.7 megapixels can be achieved in just a few seconds, delivering strong results from the lowest to the highest magnification settings.

The company said: "The camera has an exceptional light sensitivity and clearly differentiates between the brightest and darkest points in the image."

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