NHS to take on additional cancer specialists

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The NHS is to employ more cancer specialists in a bid to accelerate diagnosis and ensure people are able to access treatment more rapidly.

Part of Health Education England's new Cancer Workforce Plan, the new provisions will see 200 additional clinical endoscopists employed to investigate suspected cancers internally, while 300 reporting radiographers will be taken on to identify cancers using X-rays and ultrasound.

β€œThe Department of Health is taking on additional specialists to help speed up cancer diagnoses and improve access to treatment.β€œ

Additionally, extra support will be offered for clinical nurse specialists to help them lead services and provide higher quality care. All of these specialists will be trained in areas where there are currently staff shortages.

NHS estimates indicate that 7,000 people are alive today who would not have been had mortality rates remained the same as in 2010, an achievement that the government wishes to build upon.

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt said: "We want to save more lives and to do that we need more specialists who can investigate and diagnose cancer quickly. These extra specialists will go a long way to help the NHS save an extra 30,000 lives by 2020."

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