Leica Microsystems launches new CMOS DMC5400 microscope camera

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Leica Microsystems has announced the launch of a new microscope camera that offers high performance for a range of applications.

The 20-megapixel CMOS DMC5400 digital colour camera offers CMOS sensor technology to provide exceptional picture quality, rapid live image speeds and high-end colour reproduction capabilities.

“Leica Microsystems has launched its new 20-megapixel CMOS DMC5400 digital colour microscopy camera.“

Its 20 MP sensor, meanwhile, is designed to capture and reveal more details than standard cameras with five MP resolution, meaning it can offer strong performance even in low-magnification applications.

Other key features include its 40 frames per second capabilities, which allows for fast focusing and positioning of samples, strong image fidelity, faithful colour rendering and convenient customisation functions.

DMC5400 will be compatible with both versions of the Leica Application Suite software, while its expert modules help users to document samples accurately.

The company said: "This camera is an ideal imaging tool for documentation, evaluation and analysis for a variety of applications in manufacturing and life science research."

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