Sartorius wins German award for financial reporting

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Sartorius has earned the first place prize at the Investors' Darling capital market competition, which honours businesses for the quality of their financial reporting.

The company was selected as the top-performing organisation in the German TecDax technology index after an assessment of its financial communications, as well as placing seventh among the 160 largest German joint stock corporations listed in total.

“Sartorius has won an Investors' Darling award for the generally high standard of its financial communications.“

Sartorius was the only TecDax corporate group to reach the top ten of the overall rankings, which were compiled by the German business journal Manager Magazin and the Leipzig Graduate School of Management.

The criteria assessed included the quality of financial reports and investor relations websites, as well as how the company's reporting is perceived by the financial market. Sartorius moved up from third to first place among TecDax companies by improving in all three areas.

Petra Kirchhoff, vice-president of corporate communications and investor relations at Sartorius, said: "We maintain an ongoing, open dialogue with our investors and financial analysts, and our objective is to communicate transparent and understandable information. We are happy about this award, as it shows we are moving forward on the right track."

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