European Medicines Agency to relocate from Amsterdam to London after Brexit

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The EU has confirmed that the European Medicines Agency will be relocating its headquarters from London to Amsterdam.

Having received 19 offers from various European cities to act as the new home for the EU's medicines regulator, the Dutch capital has been selected by the European Commission following an objective assessment period.

“The EU has confirmed that the European Medicines Agency will be relocating from London to Amsterdam following Brexit.“

The European Medicines Agency is responsible for the scientific evaluation, supervision and safety monitoring of medicines in the EU, aiding the development of new drugs and ensuring they are safe at the point they reach the market, as well as providing information for healthcare professionals and patients.

The relocation of this organisation - as well as the European Banking Authority, which is moving to Paris - represents the first visible result of the UK's decision to leave the EU, with the decision being taken now to ensure the agency continues to function smoothly and without disruption beyond March 2019, when Brexit will take effect.

An EU statement said: "The commission will be following the relocation process closely and will assist the agencies - where relevant and within the scope of its competences - on matters related to the EU budget, rules on public procurement and staffing issues, amongst others."

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