DJO Global launches new UltraSling Quadrant shoulder orthosis

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DJO Global has announced the launch of UltraSling Quadrant, a patent-pending shoulder orthosis that offers a number of benefits when used in physiotherapy.

The new product has been developed to provide four angles of immobilisation in a single brace, providing optimal versatility. It also offers a unique feature that allows the patient to flex and extend their arm, promoting therapeutic movement.

“DJO Global has launched its new UltraSling Quadrant shoulder orthosis for use in physiotherapy.“

DJO Global's Donjoy brand has designed the brace to immobilise the patient's shoulder within the four angles - internal rotation, external rotation, adduction and abduction - to ease their recovery in postoperative or post-traumatic settings.

Meanwhile, the use of TempGuard - a cool-to-the-touch anti-microbial material - helps to enhance the comfort of the brace for those who require extended use.

Brady Shirley, chief executive officer of DJO Global, said: "The UltraSling family of shoulder braces has been a leader since the original launch in 1997. With the introduction of the next generation, the UltraSling Quadrant, we have revolutionised shoulder immobilisation."

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