Ceva and Synthetic Genomics to develop new vaccines for livestock

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Ceva has announced a new research collaboration with Synthetic Genomics that will focus on the development of new vaccines for livestock.

The research will utilise Synthetic Genomics' next-generation synthetic RNA replicon platform to deliver more effective vaccines and therapeutics, allowing genetic instructions to be delivered to a body's own cells to unleash powerful immune responses.

“Ceva is allying with Synthetic Genomics to develop vaccines for livestock based on a next-generation synthetic RNA replicon platform.“

RNA replicons carry the genetic code for a self-replication engine, as well as antigens that signal for an immune response. As such, the resulting vaccine is able to trigger a rapid and immediate antigen expression within host cells, inducing strong T cell and B cell responses.

Another key benefit of these fully synthetic vaccines is the lower dose requirements and simplified manufacturing processes they offer compared to traditional vaccine approaches.

Dr Oliver Fetzer, chief executive officer of Synthetic Genomics, said: "This partnership with Ceva, a leader in animal health, highlights the promise in deploying our synthetic biology capabilities to build RNA systems capable of improving global health in a variety of ways."

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