Takeda and Portal Instruments to develop needle-free drug delivery device

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Takeda has announced a new partnership with Portal Therapeutics that will focus on the development of needle-free delivery options for biologic therapies.

The companies have agreed to develop and commercialise Portal's needle-free drug delivery device for potential use with Takeda's investigational or approved biologic medicines, meaning patients will be able to forego the need for injections.

“Takeda is allying with Portal Instruments on the development of a new needle-free drug delivery device.“

Entyvio, a monoclonal antibody therapy for adults with ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease, will be the first drug to potentially utilise the device. This treatment is currently administered through intravenous infusion.

The new device delivers the biologic through a pressurised liquid instead of a needle, and has been clinically shown to be less painful, as well as allowing patients to administer their own treatment at home.

Stefan Koenig, global programme and brand lead at Takeda, said: "There is a need for options to keep improving the experience for patients with lifelong, chronic conditions that are managed with the intravenous infusions of biologic medicines."

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