Astellas and Universal Cells to develop novel cell therapies

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Astellas has announced a new partnership with Universal Cells to create a new cell therapy based on innovative technology.

The partners will work together to research, develop and commercialise a treatment using Universal Cells' Universal Donor Cell, which allows cell therapy products to be created that can be administered to any recipient without human leukocyte antigen matching.

“Astellas is partnering with Universal Cells to develop new therapies based on universal donor cell technology.“

Universal Cells will work directly with the Astellas Institute for Regenerative Medicine, with the broader Astellas business leading and fully funding the development programme in exchange for worldwide commercialisation rights.

Universal Cells is eligible to receive up to $9 million (6.85 million pounds) in a combination of upfront payments and research milestones, as well as research funding and further clinical development and regulatory milestone fees of up to $115 million.

Dr Yoshitsugu Shitaka, president of the Astellas Institute for Regenerative Medicine, said: “This is definitely an important step forward in developing a potential new option as an innovative cell therapy to treat devastating diseases with high unmet medical needs."

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