BVA advises pet owners to take firework precautions

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The British Veterinary Association (BVA) has offered a reminder to pet owners of the need to take steps to prevent their animals being distressed during firework season.

With Diwali taking place today (October 19th) and Bonfire Night approaching on November 5th, the organisation has issued a series of tips to help owners make informed decisions about their pets' health and wellbeing at a time that can be traumatic for some animals.

“The British Veterinary Association is calling on pet owners to take steps to protect their animals as fireworks season approaches.“

Signs of distress can include panting, drooling and attempts to escape, as well as more subtle indicators, such as restlessness and toileting in the house. Cats sometimes hide, while rabbits may keep still and thump the ground with their back feet.

Pet owners have been advised to provide animals with a safe and quiet place to take shelter, to invest in pheromone products to calm them down, and to close windows and curtains to help mask the fireworks.

BVA president John Fishwick said: "If your pet gets severely distressed by fireworks, we'd encourage you to speak to your local vet as early as possible to discuss treatment options, which can achieve long-term success with professional input and owner commitment and patience."

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