E-cigarettes 'should be promoted as a means of stopping smoking'

Scientific Developments/Breakthroughs

A new report has indicated that e-cigarettes should be recommended as a useful aid for smoking cessation.

The British Psychological Society has issued a behaviour change briefing to provide guidance and education to those involved with smoking cessation services, suggesting that e-cigarettes can be endorsed as a quitting method.

“E-cigarettes should be promoted as a method of stopping smoking, according to a new study.“

It indicates that NHS stop-smoking services can increase the attractiveness of their offerings by incorporating e-cigarettes and further boost success rates, while the government should make efforts to raise the cost of smoking and reduce the cost of e-cigarettes.

The report also called for more information to be made available on the pros and cons of e-cigarette use and for steps to be taken to encourage new product development, allowing safer options to be created.

Dr Lynne Dawkins, associate professor at London South Bank University, said: "As a consumer product, although most stop-smoking services are not currently able to supply these, we recommend that they endorse them and support their use by smokers trying to quit."

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