CQC raises concerns about sustainability of NHS care

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The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has raised concerns over whether the current standard of NHS care can be maintained if current service trends continue.

The regulator's annual State of Care report has shown that 78 percent of adult social care services were rated good as of July 31st 2017, as were 55 percent of NHS acute hospital core services, 68 percent of NHS mental health core services and 89 percent of GP practices.

“The health and care system is "straining at the seams", according to the Care Quality Commission, which has warned that future care standards may be in jeopardy.“

This shows that standards have largely been maintained or improved compared to last year, but the CQC nevertheless warned that the system is "straining at the seams", meaning this positive momentum may be under threat.

Increasing numbers of older people who are physically frail are placing unprecedented pressure on the NHS, which - when coupled with longstanding funding issues - are leading to increased waiting times and more planned operations being cancelled.

Sir David Behan, chief executive of the CQC, said: "Staff and leaders can't work any harder; the answer must be to work more collaboratively, not just between sectors but between agencies and professionals, supported and incentivised by the national health and care organisations."

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