MSD Animal Health reaffirms commitment to global rabies collaboration

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MSD Animal Health has confirmed that it will be continuing to support global efforts to tackle the spread of rabies among the world's most susceptible communities.

Coinciding with World Rabies Day, the company stated that it will maintain donations of its Nobivac rabies vaccine and other resources to the Afya Serengeti Project and Mission Rabies, organisations working to eliminate the disease in at-risk regions.

“MSD Animal Health has reaffirmed its commitment to an ongoing collaboration to combat the spread of rabies in the world's most at-risk regions.“

The Global Alliance for Rabies Control, together with health organisations from around the world, has set a goal of eliminating human rabies transmitted by dogs by 2030. At present, 60,000 people die from rabies each year, with 40 percent of these deaths occurring in under-15s.

Africa and India bear the highest burden of total annual rabies deaths, which is why the Afya Serengeti Project and Mission Rabies are focused on vaccinating dogs in these regions to curb the spread of the disease.

Ingrid Deuzeman, global marketing director at MSD Animal Health, said: "We are resolved to continue our collaboration with the Afya Serengeti Project, which we've been committed to for more than 15 years, and with Mission Rabies, in support of the global health community goal to eliminate rabies."

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