Consultation launched on opt-out organ donation system

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The government is launching a public consultation to gather opinions on a new opt-out system for organ donations in England.

Outlined by prime minister Theresa May, the new system would see everyone in England automatically entered on the donor register, unless they decide to specifically opt out. The aim is to address the high number of people waiting for organ donations.

β€œThe government is launching a consultation on a proposed opt-out system for organ donation in England.β€œ

Under the current system, anyone wishing to donate their organs has to opt in via the registration and organ donor card scheme run by NHS Blood and Transplant, while family members can also give consent.

A model of presumed consent was introduced in Wales in 2015, with the Scottish government announcing its intention to introduce similar legislation earlier this year.

Although conation rates are currently at their highest ever level, there are still more people waiting for transplants than there are organs available, with particularly long waiting times affecting those in black and minority ethnic communities.

Health secretary Jeremy Hunt said: "Just as most people would be willing to accept an organ if their life was at risk, most people would be willing to donate one to help save somebody else."

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