Smith and Nephew-backed study offers new insights into biofilm treatment

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Smith and Nephew has announced the findings of a new clinical study that offers much-needed insights into the detection and treatment of wound biofilms.

Funded by Smith and Nephew and carried out by the Wound Biofilm Expert Panel, the report offered evidence that as many as 78 percent of chronic wounds contain biofilm, far in excess of previously understood levels.

“Smith and Nephew has funded a new study that has demonstrated the impact of biofilms on wound healing.“

Biofilms are clusters of bacteria embedded in a protective matrix that make chronic wounds harder to heal. Since they are tolerant to antimicrobial treatments and the host immune response, they are difficult to treat.

Andy Weymann, chief medical officer of Smith and Nephew, said: "Smith and Nephew is proud to support healthcare professionals through the development of both educational resources and advanced wound management products."

Recent studies have shown that Smith and Nephew's Iodosorb and Iodoflex dressings have proven effective against biofilm in the laboratory, while in the clinical setting they have been shown to have an impact on biofilm in diabetic foot ulcers.

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